1. You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for the visa.
  2. You must be:
    • the parent of the student visa holder, or
    • a person who has custody of the student, or
    • a relative of the student, aged 21 years or older, nominated in writing by a parent or person who has custody of the student
  3. You will provide care and support for:
    • a student visa holder who is under 18 years of age or
    • a student visa holder who is 18 years of age or older and needs care and support due to exceptional circumstances
  4. For this visa, a relative is the student’s:
    • parent or step-parent
    • grandparent or step-grandparent
    • sibling or stepsibling
    • aunt, uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle
    • niece, nephew or step-niece or step-nephew
    • partner
    • child or stepchild
  5. You must be able to provide accommodation, general welfare and support to the student.
  6. You must show us evidence that you have enough money to pay for your stay in Australia for meeting the costs and expenses of yourself, your accompanying family members and in most cases, the student visa holder. 
  7. You are personally liable for all your healthcare costs while you are in Australia. Medical insurance helps limit your financial liability. You must maintain adequate health cover for the whole of your stay if you are granted this visa. Your insurance should cover you for medically necessary treatment, including transport.
  8. You must be a genuine temporary entrant. Only intend to stay temporarily in Australia and do the things you are allowed to do on this visa.
  9. You and any family members who apply for the visa with you must meet our health requirement